This website is a novelist’s attempt to toy with a change in form: nonfiction, interactive hypertext based on research versus fictional stories edited within a manuscript. Maintaining this website has taken me beyond any of my expectations. I learned more about episodic arcs from crafting blog posts than from all the scene theory I had studied in grad school or read in books on novel writing. The comments section revealed to me story angles I never imagined I had in my text, and taught me about the diversity of opinion among readers and the lack of control a writer has over the message once the text is on its own.

This website is a portfolio of work and a log of endeavors, the most important being Our Borders, my long interview-based series about the brave and remarkable journey of a Romanian man who wanted to have a say in how to live his life when demanding that freedom meant risking death, going to jail, and facing even his closest friends’ betrayal.

Roxana Arama

This website is also my attempt to find people who share some of my passions: story, writing, history, and understanding what matters in life and how things fit together. Through this blog I’ve discovered people with whom I wouldn’t have interacted otherwise, I’ve learned things that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, and I’ve experienced putting my voice out there – which doesn’t happen much during the ongoing and lonely task of writing a historical novel.