Getting the Hang of Flash Fiction

Just six months ago, I was convinced I couldn’t write short fiction. Novel writing is just too different from building short stories. (I explained my apprehension in detail in a recent guest post on Stupefying Stories called Scared of Short Stories.)

Scared as I was, I had to face my fears—that’s what I tell my kids to do in this kind of situation. So I started participating in flash fiction writing contests organized through Codex Writers’ Group. My first piece won that round, which gave me courage. My second took an honorable mention.

And my third, Calling the Cloud, just placed first again. It’s a modified drabble: 100 words, plus a seven-word line provided by editor Pete Wood: “I’m pretty sure he wasn’t our waiter.” Check it out if you have time!

Update 7/30/2021: My new drabble At Wits’ End was published on Stupefying Stories.

7 thoughts on “Getting the Hang of Flash Fiction

  1. Congrats, Roxana! I just read your guest post on Stupefying Stories and your latest drabble there. The wry humor in your short fiction make these pieces a joy to read! I’m excited for more!

    • Thanks, Melanie! I’ve got another one coming and I’ve written two more. It’s great practice, I think, working on something so different from novels. It also feels good to finish something and move on.

  2. I too share the same sentiments, in that when it comes to fiction, I much prefer longer formats. But I did try a short story lately, and I loved it! Anyway, thanks for this post!

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